VolumeRadioShow: 026

    a sunny hour of dance tunes to get you lifted! featuring everything from house to afrobeats, and a whole lot of good vibes to groove to.

    VolumeRadioShow: 025

    "I have recently delved into my faster and heavier tracks, which I am usually somewhat nervous to DJ at parties. Last Thursday, I played a set similar to this style and thoroughly enjoyed my spontaneous song selections. So I gave myself the challenge of maintaining a high tempo while exploring more intriguing tracks and beats, deviating from my usual preference for four-to-the-floor house and dance tracks.”

    VolumeRadioShow: 024 w/ Matimu Sithole

    "in the heartbeat of the passion economy, freedom reigns supreme. Within the ever-evolving realm of electronic music, Matimu pioneers an unconventional path in African electronic soundscapes, crafting a distinctive fusion of Afro Tech, 3step, Amapiano, and Deep House “

    VolumeRadioShow: 022

    Recorded on a train from Hanover to Frankfurt on tour – Volume brings an hour of dance-ready afro-house vibes

    VolumeRadioShow: 023 w/ ORWELL

    "A spirited sonic journey to lift you. Dance alone in your bedroom getting ready for a new year. Growth is inevitable. Every now and again you get a New Leaf."

    VolumeRadioShow: 020 w/ Eazy

    cookin' things low and slow - Volume's older brother, EaZy comes through with a downtempo selection of funk and dance grooves to ease out to.

    VolumeRadioShow: 021 w/ Nudisto

    Nudisto steps up for a groove-filled, high energy hour of house and dance tunes!

    VolumeRadioShow: 018

    Volume told us that he is travelling long distance today - so he wanted to make a mix that could get him through it all.

    VolumeRadioShow: 019 w/ Kgole

    Volume invites artist and DJ, Kgole to take over the show - bringing you an hour of good-feeling dance tunes, from afro-house to a lil bit of dancehall + more.

    VolumeRadioShow: 016

    ushering in the autumn moods with a mellowed-out selection of warm, fuzzy-feeling jazz, dreamy analog pop sounds and more.

    VolumeRadioShow: 017

    turns things up with an outing into afro & deep house vibes this month - get a good dance going with this one.

    VolumeRadioShow: 015

    Volume returns to the airwaves, running through the disco, funk and house sounds that have filled his club + festival sets of late.

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