Trip Tongue w/ Plaat Japie



    Trip Tongue: 011 w/ Plaat Japie

    " sun rays like stilts. sunray avenue.
    Microdosing fantasy... “

    Trip Tongue: 010 w/ Plaat Japie

    "Summer rhapsody, the perfumed garden, dawn blessings, morning glory, changes. Let the sunshine in. You'll be alright."

    Trip Tongue: 009 w/ Plaat Japie

    “Lazy garden escape wheel. High on the mountain go on dub. I washed my hair with limes levels of human.”

    Trip Tongue: 008 w/ Plaat Japie

    lilting ventures into a little jazz, some latin grooves, psychedelia, and the likes.

    "a bruised banana in spring. summer love unfaltering. A delicate distance between boulders."

    Trip Tongue: 007 w/ Plaat Japie

    'a stage six sandwich. caught cold & off-guard - a Winter warmer for a shoegaze Sunday.' venturing into lush jazz, sun-beaming folk and beyond.

    Trip Tongue: 006 w/ Plaat Japie

    a healthy dose of psych, desert blues & experimental sounds from on the latest Trip Tongue.

    Trip Tongue: 005 w/ Plaat Japie

    “sunsplash through a skylab window. open fields. pointy birds. yellow turtles. shadows from nowhere. see it sway, above below.”

    tune out to two hours of soaring jazz fusion, dusky acoustic psychedelia and new-age-leaning balearic environments.

    Trip Tongue: 004 w/ Plaat Japie

    "tropical feels, sunny dispositions and feeling the fires of love burning forever. Plaat Japie's first show of the year reads as a 2-hour meditation for your mind, body and heart.

    trip out, look in and dream.“

    Trip Tongue: 003 w/ Plaat Japie

    "Taken Back. Inverted pyramids slowly projected from the firmament. Blues for putting a fuzz beforehand... Kheter Ascension. Ceremony.

    All that jazz."

    Trip Tongue: 002 w/ Plaat Japie

    here’s a tab of acid for your ears.. 🔮 Plaat Japie returns to their ‘Trip Tongue’ show with a lush two hours of music that span dream folk, far-out jazz and field recordings to keep you floating.

    lay back, tune in and trip out for a while

    Trip Tongue: 001 w/ Plaat Japie

    trip out, lay back and sink into an hour of sunny jazz, far-out modal jams and beyond - seamlessly woven together by Plaat Japie on the first edition of their 'Trip Tongue' show.

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