Obae: 016 - type shiiiiiiii

    man, I'm trying to bring a lil bit of heat in this cold ass weather.
    good ol' hip hop on a Saturday - it can be your pre-groove before the main groove, or your groove-groove if you're trying to keep things inside. hope you enjoy :)

    Obae: 015 - 4 the luvers & the trapperz 

    “considering we're nearing the end of the month of love - this mix is for the luvers, but also the trappers - the key is always balance... ciaga."

    Obae: 014 - well, YES!!

    "you know whaddidiz. had to come back to familiar ground with some hip-hop for the first mix of the year

    Obae: 013 - the limit does not exist

    filled with all the right nostalgia of the early Majestic Causal days.
    "Consider this an electronic-bass-trap-indie manifestation of a rollercoaster of emotions. enjoy.

    Obae: 012 - Hello in Xhosa [Halloween]

    "if you missed my set at Prime JHB, you can catch some of the vibes I had going in this here mix. lots of recent throwbacks, a bit of is'mandem, ass-shaking bangers, and a sprinkle of jersey club (which I've been SO excited to incorporate into my sound lately as it becomes more widely enjoyed)

    Obae: 011 - dans hause

    a little bit of dance. a little bit of house. a lot of groove & oonts oonts. expect a weird and wonderful combo of fresh electro-dance sounds. we're saying hello to Spring, after all :)

    Obae: 010 - Oh? Say Less

    Obae brings you an hour of "Good ol', hip hop sumtin' sumtin'." Nothing complicated. Get ready to bump.

    Obae: 009 - Dance Dance Revolution

    “the answer is in the question, folks. no specific genre, just dance.”

    Obae: 008 - bass boiz 

    "This month's mix is all about that bass, 'bout that bass; no treble (I'm so sorry).
    EDM Trap, Moombahton, Twerk and the like form part of the bass genre; it's music that I've rarely played or mixed, and I would actually love to do both a lot more. A little shorter than most of my mixes, but still packing a badass punch.

    Obae: 007 - funk you up 

    "This month's mix is all about the new-age funk/groove/dance vibes. Expect a lot of Jungle & Daft Punk *kanye shrug*."

    Obae: 006 - No Thoughts, Just Vibes

    Taking things easy this time 'round - Obae is in session with some laidback hip-hop, r n' b and soul bits, nothing too wild but it's just enough to keep the good energies going. If you're looking for some beats to bump your head to, or occasionally bust a slow dance move to, this is the mix for you.

    "This month's mix is something that's a little more laid back. Don't think too hard, don't worry about it sweet heart. Just vibe."

    Obae: 005 - Hip-Hip Hoppa

    OBAE brings it back to the basics this month with an hour of straight hip-hop heat from Doja Cat, Denzel Curry, Rico Nasty, Kanye West and lots more.

    "This month's mix is reverting back to what I know and love; Hip-Hop. Or in the words of Nathy Peluso - HipHipHoppa. Enjoy!"

    Obae: 004 - That Nu Nu

    This month's mix is all things local and Euro house, some nu-disco and everything in between. Prepare to be transported through the years. It's a groovementation station."

    Yeah, what she said! Would just like to add that this will throw you back to *those* sunny evenings at peak-time Dezemba. It's fantastic.“

    Obae: 003 - HO-BAE Anthems

    "This month's mix is all about HO-BAE's Anthems.
    Need to re-up & feel like a bad-bad? HO-BAE Anthems.
    Twerking in front of the mirror in your room, one-man? HO-BAE Anthems.
    Going skrr skrr on neegas? HO-BAE Anthems.
    Hotel? Trivago."

    Obae: 002 - Kick it Like Malinga

    "Valentines is coming... Where's your boyfriend?"

    This mix is mostly classic RnB tunes with a touch of throwback grooves. Just in time for V-day & perfect for kickin' it, whether you're one-man gunman or with someone / people you love <3‘

    Obae: 001 - i miss u, groove

    "I do miss heavily sweating in The Waiting Room's corner booth while scream-rapping along to lyrics with everyone around me. Making this mix somewhat brought me closer to those feels, lmao."

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