pssngr princess radio w/ mila



    pssngr princess radio: S2 - 001 w/ mila

    weaving thru a selection of soulful jungle edits, UKG, R&B, and so much more.

    pssngr princess radio: 005 w/ mila

    a massive hour of globetrotting club heaters selected by our Cape Town-based bestie, mila - running through kuduro to baile, afrobeat to batida and beyond.

    pssngr princess radio: 004 w/ mila

    mila's first show of the year is a reminder that summer ain't over just yet. filled to the brim with alté, jersey club, baile funk, afro house+ lots more heat.

    pssngr princess radio: 003 w/ mila

    mila taps into full summer mode - bringing an hour of smooth UK rap; energetic garage and baile funk sounds.

    "I've been wanting to play these for the longest time! These are really the sounds of my summer :)"

    pssngr princess radio: 002 w/ mila

    with summer energies in full effect - mila picks out an hour of laidback afrobeats.

    pssngr princess radio: 001 w/ mila 

    a blazing debut of sun-kissed afrobeats, club edits, and other tunes to get you dancing in your seat, or wherever this mix finds you.

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