Beep, Boop & Beyond w/ hübsch



    Beep, Boop & Beyond: 009 w/ hübsch

    cold-wavey oddities, alternative funk, outsider pop + disco, and all things weird and wonderful from hübsch.


    Beep, Boop & Beyond: 007 w/ Father Tish

    wonky disco cuts, grunge, electronic and beyond - selected by Father Tish!


    Beep, Boop & Beyond: 008 w/ Sin Cinati

    Hübsch invites Sin Cinati (Stefan Wyeth) for this episode of Beep, Boop & Beyond - weaving through vocally-driven leftfield electronic flavours, triphop, experimental jazz and more.


    Beep, Boop & Beyond: 007 w/ hübsch & Louis in The Lab

    this is NOT for your listening pleasure. Louis in the lab is 'Louis in the Lilies' today - as he joins hübsch with some abstract breaks and electronic future jazz - all on wax. Hübsch rounds things off with some local hip-hop, afrikaans electronica, dub and more.

    Beep, Boop & Beyond: 005 w/ hübsch & karmerr

    hübsch invites friend, and DJ, karmerr, for the first guest mix on Beep, Boop & Beyond! crafting a playful mix that crosses R&B, electronica + indie-pop vibes - sounds that represent her current mind-state.
    then in the second hour, hubsch takes us deep into the wondrous world of music she’s been making as 9th Planet (alongside Leeu + Neo Mahlasela), and SoftServe (with Leeu).

    Beep, Boop & Beyond: 006 w/ hübsch 

    head-nodding goodness, reggae cuts, outsider folk, electronics, and all sorts of sounds that go beep, boop and far beyond.

    Beep, Boop & Beyond: 004 w/ hübsch

    hübsch taps into the outer reaches on this fourth episode of Beep, Boop & Beyond. crafting a heady selection of oddball experimental-pop, some wonky instrumentals, beats and alternative cuts.

    Beep, Boop & Beyond: 003 w/ hübsch

    tune out to an easy-going, head-nodding outing from hübsch on this episode of Beep, Boop & Beyond - weaving through old-school hip-hop cuts, a bit of P-funk, house, and lots more.

    Beep, Boop & Beyond: 002 w/ hübsch

    hübsch collages a wondrous mix that weaves through all strains of the fun, low-key sounds that make up her sound world. from André 3000 to Koos Kombuis, rRoxymore to The John Doe Experiment - this mix reaches far, far out.

    Beep, Boop & Beyond: 001 w/ hübsch

    hübsch's debut broadcast on the station is an all-style toe-dip into the different realms that will be explored during this series! seamlessly blending alternative, electronic and everything in between.

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