Paint A Picture w/ hotboi



    Paint A Picture: 004 - Music For Printers w/ Bongani Zulu

    This mix is the soundtrack to what I imagine office equipment would have a groove to. 

    All the bleeps and boops with constant grooves make the printers, scanners, stationery, and all the regular things that you’d find in an office building, dance around the building."

    Paint A Picture: 003 - Movement is Med w/ Hotboi

    a real taste of summer here. Hotboi brings through a sunny hour of uplifting house and dance tunes, painting a picture of a night out at the rising Jozi club-night, Movement is Med.

    Paint A Picture: 001 - Bordello w/ Hotboi

    the picture I’m going to be paint for you all, is an hour in the Toy Toy Bordello Garden hosted by Ram Dust"

    Paint A Picture: 002 - The Loft w/ Hotboi

    Hotboi's back in the studio, painting a picture of a set for Mary Jane Hacienda's 'The Loft' club night - running thru low-slung house, acid-tinged grooves and little bit of electro to pick the energies up.

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