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Kim Karabo Makin: Episode 1 - audio(visual) storytelling

A safe space to let unresolved thoughts and ideas flow freely — to feel, through the music and nuanced sounds of what might define a particular sense of ‘home’.
sonoluminesence: 001 - a gentle brightness w/ ANIMA

"softly open your cranium, lift your mind and shower it with sparks bright as meteors.

let it sway, blasted by a cool breeze and gently bathe it under dappled light.
303 - Sonic Landscape Exploration #5 w/ Hlengi

summoning the witching hour with an hour of experimental, cinematic and art-rocky selections.

SteamRoom: 010 w/ Bon Bon Vie

a truly warm, lush slow-moving hour of soulful selections.

warm, wholesome vibes from start to finish - and an endless supply of music across styles brought to you by the C&S boys.
Love2Love: 001 w/ Sanetran

Sanetran kicks things off with a class two-hours of loose-limbed, chuggy and groovy body music.
Night Sweats Radio: 023 w/ Dan Lee

Energizer Bunny levels of house, techno and other club heaters.
Obae: 016 - type shiiiiiii

man, I'm trying to bring a lil bit of heat in this cold ass weather.
good ol' hip hop on a Saturday 
Trip Tongue: 011 w/ Plaat Japie

sun rays like stilts. sunray avenue.
Microdosing fantasy...
Beep, Boop & Beyond: 011 w/ hubsch

cold-wavey oddities, alternative funk, outsider pop + disco, and all things weird and wonderful from hübsch.

Dr. Good Time: 001  w/ DSCO CAM

Dreamy balearic classics, mid-tempo disco, some funk and whole lot of other gems to get the good times rolling.
“3000FM!” w/ LUCAS3000

"This episode is everything I've been dancing, moshing and vibing to at home recently. A little sprinkle of techno and house, some trap and "those club classics".

pssngr princess radio: S2E1 w/ mila

a lifting selection of soulful jungle edits, UKG, R&B, and so much more.
Microbial Memories: 001 w/ Hypoestes

listening to stomach sounds and cozy music seems like the best way to start talking about gut health. It's a little weird, but oh so wonderful.

BeePM: 003

Bee brings through a weighty, atmospheric and hazy hour of electronica from all corners of electronic music.

Lilies Radio Series

Saturday Love

this is the Lilies Radio guide to morning music. whether you’re taking it slow, still up from the night before, or any other morning situation - we’ve got you.

featuring mixes, playlists + chats from Buli, Tiffany Schouw, Franadilla, Sanetran, tiro! + lots more
Resident Advisor - Community Connections Joburg: Lilies Radio x P_ssy Party

all the sets from our party with P_ssy Party + Resident Advisor - featuring KADDY on a low-key ambient tip, a Deniece Marz 3-step masterclass, Aureli’s acid-tinged goodness & Buhle Mbongwa’s atmospheric, dubby terrains.
Lilies Mix Series

a sorely overlooked series from our early days of radio - featuring mixes from Griffit Vigo on the edge of releasing his mammoth I AM GQOM album, River Moon in her prime-Saint Deepthroat era before taking over the world, a truly spell-binding, healing three-hour session from the dearly-departed Lirubishi + lots more