Smorgasbord Radio w/ de la Disco



    Smorgasbord Radio: 010 w/ de la Disco

    it was a baaaad day to be a beer with the scorching Jozi heatwave and de la Disco in the studio. plenty of bants with friends, and a killa selection of heart-warming soul, disco & funk on Smorgasbord Radio.

    Smorgasbord Radio: 009 w/ de la Disco

    de la Disco says Sunday is for the lovers! tune in to an hour of street-soul heartthrobs, disco grooves and some chats with the homies along the way.

    Smorgasbord Radio: 008 w/ de la Disco

    coolin' out with de la Disco - this show is packed with summer feels near in the distance, slow burners and all the good feelings you need to pick you up.

    Smorgasbord Radio: 007 w/ de la Disco

    de la Disco returns with some songs to ride your bike to - tune into an hour of downtempo cuts, street soul instrumentals, and all sorts of other grooves + beats.

    Smorgasbord Radio: 006 w/ de la Disco

    hot off the heels of his set at Disco De Moda last night, de la Disco gives us an hour of chuggy-but-sunny grooves that span balearic, slow disco, street soul and other jams

    Smorgasbord Radio: 005 w/ de la Disco & PolyesterVelcro

    de la Disco returns to Smorgasbord Radio - inviting Polyester Velcro to the show for a sweet, sweet back-to-back set of easy-going house grooves, dance and more

    Smorgasbord Radio: 004 w/ de la Disco & Mandy Alexander

     de la Disco invites longtime friend of the station, writer & DJ, Mandy Alexander to the show - bringing a guest mix of sunny-feeling dance & house grooves to usher out the weekend.

    Smorgasbord Radio: 003 w/ de la Disco

    like a final kiss to the summer feels - de la Disco brings you a smooth sailing mix of street soul and classic R&B sounds

    Smorgasbord Radio: 002 w/ de la Disco

    de la Disco packs a smooth-sailing hour of street soul, funk and old-school R&B vibes to soundtrack a lazy vibe with just the right amount of groove. put this one on when the sun's out!

    Smorgasbord Radio: 001 w/ de la Disco

    step inside for a feel-good hour of funky, soulful and classic disco tunes + lots more on the debut episode from de la Disco.

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