Cluf Cluf



    Cluf Cluf: 004 w/ Knee Deep In Custard

    "imagine you're in a faraway land. it's a misty night and the moon is full. You've been awake for over 56 hours, and you hear whispers of a girl explaining the importance of a theatre curtain...'

    Knee Deep in Custard presents an hour-long mix for Cluf Cluf, including bits of natural sounds, ambient tunes, jazzy notes, post-punk electronic, and a bit of pop-new age.

    Cluf Cluf: 003 w/ Saunter

    some of the crew was out of town. Iberian pilgrimage, searching for the best sardine around 🐠 collecting catholic merch along the way ⛪️.
    but not to worry.. local wax peddler and ARTIST, Saunter, came ‘round for Gyudon, gathered with a couple fellas, some potato pancakes, etc.. for a smut-laden attempt to put a worthy end to the 90s."

    Cluf Cluf: 001 w/ Rare Software

    Rare Software soundtracks a warm afternoon with friends with slow-moving, almost-pastoral ambience through to wide, expansive electronics in the later part of the show.


    Cluf Cluf: 002 w/ Foetal Position

    mmmmmmmmm.... like a warm hug from a friend you haven't seen in a while - Josquin's collection of folky Americana, loner rock, and other alternative treats are just the right soundtrack for those sombre moments. worry not, Filipe is in the kitchen making Portuguese-style sardines on toast, and there are friends who pop in to say hello - it feels like you're right in the room with them. just two hours of good music and banter.
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